Operator- 2nd Shift

Orion Township, MI

(1) Objectives of the position

The Job holder is responsible operating various production machines such as: robotic welders, projection welders, automatic presses and manual stamping with respect to quality, dates or deadlines, environment, health and safety regulations and economic efficiency. 

(2) Job requirements


• 1 year training to learn the basics of the job 

• Knowledge of stamping- and forming technique 

• Team player skills, analytical mind, quality awareness.

(3) Function 

• Verify the product respective packaging requirements and equip packaging with the specified material (cardboard layers, liners, etc.).

• Perform in-process quality and identity checks according to operator check sheet and the instruction given by process control.

• Release produced parts after quality and identity checks and arrange transportation of parts.

• Any part deviation from first piece needs to be identified and addressed.

• Inform die setter, crane operators and tool makers timely about the end of production, explain them any production problems and/or required repairs, and document these on the maintenance card and the shift protocol.

• Perform the job in compliance to GEDIA EHS standards, immediately report EHS non-compliance issues to supervisor or EHS Officer 

• Only operate equipment that was trained and approved by GEDIA

• Observe company policies including those defined in the GEDIA employee handbook

• Adhere to the 5S Standards for cleanliness & organization

(4) Personal and social requirements 

• Ability and willingness to accept responsibility 

• Identifying with the company, its functions and objectives.

• Ability to secure cooperation and expert support outside of one's own specialist/organizational area of responsibility

(5) Professional requirements

• Ability to proceed methodically and systematically to organize oneself and one's work.

• Ability to deal responsibly with superiors and colleagues.